All Points Inn - Camp Johnson

Property Info

Address & Contacts

All Points Inn Camp Johnson
Bldg. M231 Hayes Street Camp Johnson
Phone: 910-787-9700

If the office is closed and you had a reservation set up, check-in at the OOD office. If you do not have a reservation, check-in at the main Camp Lejeune location.

OOD Phone: 910-450-1045

*Please note that rooms at this property are only available for Officers and SNCO’s attending formal schools.

Room Rates

Transient Quarters
Max Lodging Rate: $42

  • All Points Inn

    2617 Seth Williams Blvd.
    Camp Lejeune, NC 28547
    P: 910-787-9700

    Providing Transient, Geographical, & Bachelor Quarters for Camp Lejeune